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The Missing Piece for Airbnb Hosts

By David Wieland March 9, 2017

Airbnb over the last two years has rocked the hospitality industry and has done to hotels what Uber and Lyft have done to the transportation industry. Like most people, I was at first a little reluctant to try it. I am a very clean person, who while traveling, likes privacy and enjoys certain amenities that a hotel can provide.

Then I saw that in 2015 alone, over 2 million travelers had used Airbnb. I began to hear from several of my friends who were beginning to list their gorgeous homes on Airbnb and I began to get more curious, asking all the questions that I’m sure every Airbnb user hears:

“Isn’t it kind of weird to have someone in your home?”

“How do you really know they aren’t crazy people who are going to take all your stuff?”

“Isn’t it awkward to stay in someone’s home and feel that they can hear and see your every move?”

All valid questions and ones that I’m sure every user of the app has wrestled with early on.

My friends said I just need to “try it.” Needless to say, the experience was great and very transparent in what to expect. No one over promised and under delivered and that’s huge in the buying process.

Airbnb has reached the summit of whatever mountain they are fictitiously climbing. On average, on any day, there are over two million homes listed. They are in over 57,000 cities, in over 190 countries. This is amazing!

Cuba’s biggest economic relief since Americans can travel there again, has come in the form of Airbnb.

There is one major opportunity that every Airbnb host should explore: Solar energy.

The one thing I hear from my friends who are hosts is that the experience for both sides is typically amazing. The traveler gets to feel like they have a home in the beautiful city they traveled to and the host gets paid. The problem is that the host also gets hit with paying for the energy used by the travelers.

Let’s face it, when you travel you are less conscious of if you leave your room with a couple lights on for the day, or if you extend your shower time by an extra 10-15 minutes. When you don’t have to pay for it, you typically exploit it a little more.

The host needs to be prepared to double their energy bill while having guests there. Things like: cooking, laundry, using the pool or hot tub, these things add up quickly. Any Airbnb host needs to consider optimizing their operation. Airbnb is absolutely a fantastic service and can be very profitable to the hosts, but if you live in an area where the utilities aren’t favorable, it will cut into your profits.

Not only can you choose to buy or rent solar, but in some areas, when you get solar you can actually buy and sell your unused solar energy back to the grid and receive either a prorated bill or a check from your utility company. It’s called Net Metering.

In the US, California and New York have the most users and hosts of Airbnb. Los Angeles is the #3 most booked city in the world and San Francisco is the #1 most frequently posted city in the world. Those two cities are filled with homeowners who probably aren’t great pals with their energy companies.

If you’re in California and using Airbnb, you are a person who is creatively looking for ways to make money. You also need to be a person who is creatively looking for ways to SAVE money.

Solar is a real difference maker for Californians in terms of enabling us to regain some choice and control with our energy. You are not forced to pay that energy bill month in and month out. IT CAN BE BETTER.

If you’re looking to become an Airbnb host and want to maximize your profit potential, you need to inquire about solar energy today. Once you get solar, you can begin to market that to the people who are going to stay with you. Not only is there a big population of people who may be drawn to your home now for its eco- friendly nature, but it also positions your home as one that is highly efficient.

Don’t let your utility company profit every time you have a guest!

Get your free quote now! Use code: BNB in your consultation for a special offer on your system.