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Bay & Bow Window Blog


August 20th, 2017


By David Wieland





    One of the biggest design statements you can make with windows, is adding Bay and Bow windows. This style is vastly different than any other style; from a decorative and functionality standpoint. 


    Most homeowners see a room in their house that has the potential to be “more.” When homeowners are asking us for suggestions on how to take their room to the next level, we often bring up bay windows. Bay and Bow windows create a room within a room. With most window installations, the style of window you get can actually discourage decorations or furniture living in the area of the window. Bay and bows are unique in that they invite furniture and decoration. They enable you to be able to put a breakfast nook, or bench seating with storage. The possibilities of what your bay windows can provide is truly endless but the common theme is more space. 


    One of the best things about the Bay and Bow windows is the amazing natural sunlight that you get. Bay and Bow windows typically come in windows sets of three of more to create the curve within the house. The angle of the windows enable you to maximize the natural sunlight available to you. Homeowners who make the addition to add Bay windows, notice instantly how much natural light their home is now receiving. 


    Windows have the ability to entirely change and brighten a room and none do it better than Bay and Bow windows. 


    When you drive around your neighborhood and you notice the architecture and style of other homes, look for neighbors who have bay windows. They stick out like a sore thumb (but in the best way possible). From the exterior of a home, bay windows are one of the features to a home that will always be noticed early. They distinguish your home and make your home stand out. Bay windows even have the potential to increase your home’s value because of its popularity. All couples and homeowners are different but most still agree that aesthetically, bay windows class up a home. 


    The ability to create space for storage, for a breakfast nook, for a viewing area to your yard; whatever type of space you want to create is possible with Bay windows. We encourage our creative homeowners to explore different window styles and see where the best spot in their home may be for their own bay windows!