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The “Brothers Cal Window Series”

By David J. Wieland June 8, 2017

What sets our windows apart from the competition?

Well, we believe that a window is only as good as its components. Our vinyl frames are our own design with the backing of vinyl extrusion engineers to meet our stringent requirements. When it comes to window components like glass, spacers, hardware, etc., we do not reinvent the wheel. Our windows are manufactured with true and tried components available from the best industry suppliers. We use Cardinal Glass Industries’ latest, most innovative (energy efficient) glass and Quanex’s Duraseal spacers.

From a performance standpoint: The Brothers Traditional Series’ primary purpose is to conserve energy and to reduce home heating and cooling. With that in mind, we designed a sturdy window frame that will easily handle the test of time! This way the windows don’t lose their thermal efficiencies to gaps, air pockets, etc.- like a lot of windows do after only a few years- defeating the purpose of what they were intended to do. With glass being the major part of a window opening, we incorporated in our windows, the best glass package available in the market with today’s technology.

The Brothers Cal Series is available in ten different window configurations and is truly a window designed for the West Coast!

While national brands are typically designed for a one-fits-all window category, at Brothers Home Improvement, we designed our windows and patio doors specifically to meet the challenges typical of homes in the western region. With sturdier frames to support the larger openings and the most efficient glass packages available with today’s technology, the Brothers Cal Window Series in truly unique!

Our series strives to provide the most effective and energy efficiency window on the market today! A window that every California homeowner should have!