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CA LIC #699009    |    NV LIC #006117 

Winners of the State of California’s “Best Window” Company 2017

In 1994 when Brothers Home Improvement was first getting going, we knew that we wanted to grow our family company over the decades. In doing so, the values of the family company became the culture of the company that we live by on a daily basis. The way business is being done now is changing daily but our morals and commitment to California and Nevada will never change.

The biggest compliment we can get is knowing that our guests love what we've done for them. That reward has resulted in an outpour of referrals and growth; people who call us because their best friend or neighbor just had an amazing experience.

I don’t think Gene and Ralph quite knew how many awards and accomplishments their company was going to get way back in 1994, but it’s been an overwhelming amount of support and love for over the last two decades.

Being recognized by the state of California means a lot because California is our extended family. With a family of nine brothers and sisters, a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles in the company, we are spread out over California. This allows the family to provide a family experience throughout all of California. Our family members in Los Angeles are connected to the community there; same can be said for the Bay Area, San Diego, Reno and our corporate office in Sacramento.

We receive every award we get with immense honor and pride. We are also humbled in knowing that our simple goal of being good to others, is truly appreciated. We never receive an award and then kick our feet up. We have a commitment to excellence and transparency in your home improvements and every day we will continue to strengthen the validity of this award.

Thank you California!