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Tips For Cleaning Your New Vinyl Windows


September 14, 2017


By David Wieland





So you’ve recently had windows installed in your home and hopefully who ever did the installation, cleaned your windows and hopefully gave you some tips for cleaning your new windows. If for some reason they did not provide you with cleaning tips, we can help!


    It sounds pretty basic… “It’s just cleaning my windows. Windex. Done.” 


    Yes, it’s not a super difficult concept BUT there are certain things you should know in order to get the most out of your windows. Some types of glass (because of the reflective material, the low E gases and insulation) require some special care.


    The first tip would be to throw out the cleaning supplies that are petroleum-based. Products like Resolve or "Oil Soaps” are very high in petroleum and over time can cause noticeable damage and ware to your windows.


    Obviously, yes, Windex or Windex wipes are a great solution for your windows, but you also have some other unique options! Consider using “Method Mint” window cleaner. Method Mint is a petroleum-free cleaner that leaves a hint of mint lingering in your house. If you find the scent of mint relaxing or soothing, definitely check out Method Mint!


    Next tip: Be conscious of what you use to wipe the windows with; avoid anything sharp or rough. For the most part, most of you won’t be trying to clean your windows with brillo pads, but even paper towels aren’t necessarily the smoothest option. Consider using wipes (ones that aren’t overly damp to begin with… a little goes a long ways). Lint-free wipes that don't have an excess of static are ideal. Should you want to use just a paper towel, just be conscious of the texture of the towel itself. You should always go for a softer towel.


    Next tip: Simplify. Even a little blend of dish soap and some water are a great option for cleaning, but avoid using too much water. Should the window gets coated with water, it can lead to spotting and streaking, so don’t overdo it!


    Our next tip for you: Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the window. Some times the cleaning product uses high-pressure spray nozzles. Spraying directly on the window can lead to spotting and even build up in the edges of your window. We recommend spraying into your towel before cleaning the window!


    Avoid cleaning the windows at the hottest points in the day! The way the windows dry and set is very important. An excess of heat or sunlight can only screw up your plans of effectively cleaning your windows without feeling rushed. Take your time and clean your windows when there is a bit of shade around your house! This tip will definitely reduce water spotting! 


    If you need to clean your window screen, then first you should remove the screen and lay it flat. After you have done that, use a simple soap and water mix to clean the screen. Drying the screen will be incredibly important, as you do not want to apply a damp screen to a dry glass window. For drying, either allow it completely air dry, or use a towel that cannot break apart (avoid paper towel material).


    Now you guys know some tips to getting the best longevity and look out of your windows for years to come! Enjoy your new windows!