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Tips for Properly Cleaning the Frame of your Window 

October 3rd, 2017

By David Wieland


    So if you read our last blog with tips on how to properly clean your window, a lot of those tips will apply. However, there are a few new suggestions that are pertinent to cleaning the frame of the window itself and that’s what we are here to discuss.


    The first thing you want to do is begin by prepping the things you will need: A vacuum, a towel, soap and water.


    To start, grab your vacuum (use the smaller “dust buster” attachment from your vacuum). Begin by sucking up any visible dirt on the frame and be sure to mind the corners of the frames, as that is a hotbed for dust collection. It is very important to vacuum your frame before getting it wet. Once dirt is moist, it can move and set in corners that you won’t be able to get out as easily with a towel. The biggest risk ran here is that dirt collects in your “weep holes.” Weep holes are small areas of the window that are connecting point to the interior of the window, or connect to additional window segments. It is very important to vacuum the corners and the weep hole before moving forward. 


    Like we mentioned in the last blog, the towel you use is as important as anything else. Rough surface brillo pads, cheap paper towels, rough hand towels are all things that you should avoid. Instead go towards the softest material you can, preferably static-free. 


    Remember that less water is more in the cleaning process. You want to avoid a build up of water on vinyl turning into condensation or mold. Grab your towel and use a very small amount of water with a small amount of soap to begin cleaning the frame of your window. Please note: You want to wipe the dirt away from the corners and edges of the frame. Keep your towel fresh and clean during the process to ensure that the collection of dirt does not build up in the corners, or find a weep hole to sit in.


    Also Note: Cleaning products aren’t needed. If you want to use Windex, you can but anything beyond that has the potential to ruin the longevity and integrity of the frame over time. Keep it simple, water and soap! 


    Make sure that after you clean the frame, go over it a couple times with a completely dry towel. This will ensure that your frame is as dry as possible! 


    Lastly, check to make sure that the drainage areas, like the weep holes, are entirely dry. Remember this is the area that has the most possibility for dirt and build up. So if need be, feel free to take your vacuum to the corners and holes to ensure that it is 100% dry. 


    For more tips and solutions on finding the right window for you, don’t hesitate to call us at: 800.672.3777.