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Energy Star and Energy Efficient Windows: What Should I Look For?!


By David Wieland   8.24.17



Currently in California, we are in the midst of the biggest energy conundrum we have seen to date. A vast majority of Californians are paying either: PG&E, SoCal Edison, LADWP or SDG&E. 


This summer alone, those energy companies have done two big things to hurt your bills: Implementing “Summertime Surcharges” and instating “Time Of Use” fees. Both of these factors are hitting the wallet. 


California is already an expensive place to live and we don’t seem to be getting much relief from our energy companies, or our weather in general. Each summer we see the high peaks of triple digits and we know that we are going to pay for it. 


At Brothers Home Improvement, we offer great products to help provide relief, one of them being solar energy. Solar is a great option for most Californians, BUT there is an intermediate action that you can take that provides instant relief without dramatically altering the aesthetics of your home, Energy Windows.


Most of you are aware of Energy Windows (or EnergyStar Windows). These windows help reduce your home’s heat naturally and does a fantastic job of doing so. 


For those of you looking at an upgrade like this, keep this in mind: There are several factors that determine how energy efficient your windows are going to be for you.


The first component you should evaluate is the quality of the vinyl frame. The frame is incredibly vital because it creates the space and shelving for all the other components that are needed in an energy efficient window. Using a non-metal frame enables an easier route for heat transfer out of the home.


The next thing you should be looking for is the spacing and the amount of window panes used. The spacing is crucial for providing proper insulation between the frame and the glass. Within the spacing and the frame will be multiple panes of the physical glass. Now regular windows are typically single pane windows. Energy windows are at least a multi-pane. Meaning that the more panes that are spaced in the frame, the more energy efficient the window is. The more panes within the window, allow for more heat to be absorbed and dispersed outwards, as opposed to being absorbed into the home.


Between the frame will be non-toxic gas, typically Argon of Krypton. Argon and Krypton are typically about 6x more dense than natural air, allowing for more insulation in the window. The gas acts as a natural combat to high pressures of heat.



The last main component you should be evaluating is the glass itself. This is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle because depending on the “Low E glass" level, it could really provide more or less efficiency. 




The best way to explain what Low E glass is to compare it to your reading glasses. The coating that “for a little extra money” blocks all the harmful rays from impacting your eyes, is the same type of coating that is used to block out the harmful rays that would typically impact your home’s heat levels. 


Low E glass levels are similar to a car’s MPG. The better the score for your glass, the better the efficiency is. 


Another awesome thing about EnergyStar windows, is the fact that the Low E glass coating help your carpet and furniture from sun spotting. Often times we leave our blinds open during the day time and over the months or years we notice what the impact is on our carpet or furniture. EnergyStar windows combat that and preserve your furniture for the long haul!


We sell amazing EnergyStar windows that are guaranteed to help reduce the dependency you have on your thermostat. You will feel the difference in your home’s natural comfort level and the rewards will also be seen in your energy bills!