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What to look for in a New Window


September 26, 2017


By David Wieland





How to choose your Window


If you are reading this you have probably come to the conclusion that it’s time for some new windows. When buying anything nowadays, you have a ton of options. Windows is no different.  When trying to figure out which type of window to get, remember: You have the buying power. So let’s go over some important things you will need to know.


  1. What style do you want? Some folks may just want to replace what was previously there with an updated style. Typically in homes you will see a lot of “Single Hung”, “Single Slide” and “Picture” style windows. With Brothers Home Improvement, we offer over nine different styles of windows. So we recommend being creative. Ask questions to your sales person because that is how to can go over all your options and styles that would work in the room you want new windows. You may end up getting an updated style of what you previously had, or you may discover that there is a new option available that you never even thought of!

  2. What color do you want? Typically our vinyl frames are available in: White or Adobe. We recommend you consider your home’s current color scheme when making your decision. However, if you do have plans to paint your home, we do recommend having a good idea of what that scheme is, so that we do not pick a frame color that clashes! Again, our awesome sales staff is great at going over these color options, showing you samples of the color options, and providing professional recommendations to help assist you in the buying process.

  3. Grid or no grid? Grids to a window are some people’s favorite feature, as they believe it creates a certain style for their home. Now grids aren’t for everyone. Some people want that “Picture” style, uninterrupted, clear vision through their windows. One thing to remember is that every window is custom made for you and to your likings. So after seeing how your window could look in one style, with or without grids, try it in another style! Again, our excellent sales staff assists people daily with these important questions…AND THEY ARE IMPORTANT. This is your home. You want to make sure you get a certain finished product and a look that you love, and we want to make sure you get that as well. So ask questions, look at samples and then answer the question: Grid, or no grid?

  4. Glass options! This is something that is often overlooked by everyone buying windows, yet it may be the most important part of buying windows. Often times we forget that different glass, gases, and panes, make a difference. They definitely make a big difference! Understanding several factors will help you understand what you need. Does your home get incredibly hot or incredibly cold during severe weather extremes? If so, you may want to consider energy efficient windows with a Low E glass. Glass that helps proper insulation of your home can truly make a huge impact, keeping your home 20 degrees cooler or warmer depending on which extreme is going on outside. 


    If you live in a place like San Diego, maybe a standard single or double pane window is good enough for you because most likely, your weather will always be perfect…. Always. 


    So know your options, know your home and your city’s weather extremes, and then give us a call at 800.672.3777 and allow us to show you some samples and answer any questions you may have!