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By David Wieland March 6,2017

In the early rise of the solar fad in the 70s and 80s, solar seemed like a continuation concept that was grasped more by eco-friendly/prior “hippies” and scientists; the “alternate” community as a whole really.

America ran on fossil fuels. If you didn’t have a Ford Bronco or a Dodge with a Hemi the size of Texas in it, than you weren’t cool. The paradigm on cool is changing everyday though.

The community of solar has grown for several reasons since then:

1. Utility companies aggressively pricing energy based on states where demand is high enough (I.e. California, Hawaii, New York). This caused several of these states to fight for laws that gave incentives for using their own self generated energy.

The big reason though is:
Clean Technology is really sexy now!

Now it’s not even necessarily about the solar by itself but it capabilities to couple with technologies that make your home the SMARTest. We all want the huge house with nice appliances, a huge TV and a beautiful pool, but we don’t think about the long term economic disaster that this presents to our wallet.

We think about the beautiful pool, but not the pool pump that has to run when you’re not using it to keep it clean. We think about binge watching movies all weekend on TV or running four loads of laundry, but not the energy demand you’re putting on the grid... until your bill arrives.

At least we didn’t think that way. We’re starting to now. We are starting to adopt it more and open our minds that we can control our own energy destiny. Choice and control are vital especially in areas where the price per kWh is ridiculous.

Solar is the ice cream in the sundae of the SMART home. The high end appliances are the nuts and whipped cream, energy storage is the hot fudge and your Electric Vehicle is the cherry on top. Each component is serviceable on their own but they rely of solar to reach their maximum potential.

Solar isn’t the mystery it once was, so we in the industry need to change the way it’s viewed and sold in the market place. Solar is the gateway to optimized clean energy potential.

Buy it or rent it. Do what makes sense, but if it makes economic sense where you live, you need it. It is not a hippie thing, but it is a green thing... green in terms of money. YOUR MONEY.

The future of the home, the future of the city, is one that works optimally with the grid or enables their community to be self-reliant. Solar is the catalyst that will bring more technologies to the table that enable us, the end user, to have what we all want and deserve: freedom of choice.