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Gearing Up Cold Season


October 19, 2017


By David Wieland



    We’ve survived the extreme heat! This summer was undoubtably hot, and while we gladly welcome colder weather, there are some things you should do to prepare yourself for the winter season.


    During the fall and winter season, the insulation of your windows have a direct impact on how your room ends up feeling. Usually, about 80% of the exposed surface of a window is glass, and the temperature of the room-side of the glass affects the temperature in the room. The better you insulate your windows, the warmer you will feel in your home.


    If you are needing new windows and are concerned of the winter season and its temperature within your home, we recommend considering at least a double-pane, or Low E glass type. 


    Imagine your home is experiencing a winter wonderland. Let’s say it’s 20° outside. If you only have single-pane windows it is going to feel like it’s 30° in your home. If you get double-pane windows, you immediately get an extra 20° of warmth (it would only feel like 50° in your home). Using a Low E, energy efficient window, your home will feel like it is 60° inside (again, using the standard of it being 20° outside). 


    So by just picking a more insulated window, you get easier relief from the winter temperatures, without having to rely heavily on your thermostat. 


    We strongly recommend Low E windows this fall. The benefits of Low E glass will be apparent this winter. Getting Low E windows now will also enable you to capitalize on energy savings during the heatwaves of our next summer (this glass will provide reverse relief by keeping your home from overheating in the summer months). 


    If you are someone who is curious about what kind of return on investment you can get with Low E glass, here’s a general statistic based on our geographic location. The money you can plan on saving (over a lifetime in California or Nevada) using Low E Glass to help balance your dependency on your thermostat, is between 15-27% savings on your energy bills (compared to using a standard single-pane glass).  


    If you currently are not looking to replace your windows and you don’t have the best insulation, there are still tips that can help you out!


    First, you will want to make sure that your windows are properly sealed and caulked. Any gaps, over time can enable airflow to move into your home. This is airflow you want to avoid. There are products called “Draft Snakes” that make sure your windows is properly sealed and helps prevent drafts from coming into your home.


    Next, keep in mind your windows are glass and the room-side of the glass in cold weather is going to be cold. The best thing you can do if you find yourself with single-pane windows and still want to help the insulation without replacing your windows, consider cellular shades for your windows. 


    Cellular shades are expensive (obviously less expensive than replacing your window), but they provide a great balance of letting the right amount light in while still keeping the excess of weather from getting into your home. 


    Prep yourself for this winter and explore your options to increase your home’s comfort level! Call or visit us today to learn more, 800.672.3777.